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I’m interested in photo mapping farm land on steep terrain. Is the GPS data accurate in this situation?
Long-time amateur radio operator, software developer, and electrical engineer, looking to broaden horizons by getting into personal drones. Oh how I longed for something like this when I have been installing long-wire antennas and I'm hoping that my itty-bitty Spark is up to the challenge!
Hello robsp58, I read some recent posts about the go 4 mod and saw that it was placed onto dropbox, however now I see that it has been taken off. Is there any way I could get a copy ?
i love litchi with my spark it, adds so much to it and now i,m so dissappointed that it is just junk with my mavic pro it has all kinds of issues , no i,ll take that back if has to connect to have issues i,ve tried everything to the point i,m afraid it is going to cause me problems with spark I thought it would be great but not !! i hear dji has a mission hub for mavic hope i can find it and it is as dependable
New to the forum i have a p4p i Love it but live in town and it’s to big and loud so I bought a new spark so i could play more and have fun around the neighborhood
Greetings! I noticed that you have the ability to add a thumbs up emoji to your posts. Would you mind to tell me how you accomplish this? Thanks.
My name is John T. I am a new older pilot. I bought my Spark in August. After using the forum and YouTube I finally made my first flight after a week. I have read the forum but still am having trouble asking for help. Could someone please help me
Thank you
John T
What up Spark Pilots! I hope your all enjoying the rather cold skies on this BEA-U-T-I-ful day! Happy thanksgiving to all you spark pilots out there souring the skies and grounds alike.
I 'd like to use both at the same time smartphone and tablet so a 2nd person can operate the camera functions while flying! But when I try to connect, only one will do.
Is there a way to make it work?

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