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Connect smartphone & tablet to the Spark Wifi at the same time?
And make it possible for another person to operate the camera!
Flew a Tello fully submerged into a cat bowl of water last night. Grabbed it. Shook it out. Patted it dry. Stuck the battery in. Took off. Now that's reliable tech. The camera even worked. :O
Just an FYI.......Henry's photo here in Canada has the polar pro ND Cinematic filters for the Spark on for half price! Mine are on the way!
Taking a trip to Bimini in the Bahamas next weekend... anyone on this forum ever take a Spark there? Rules? Regulations? Customs? More trouble than it's worth? Should I leave it at home and just take the Osmo Mobile instead?
vliegen, ben ik overgestapt op Mavic Air. Ik heb de Spark overgeslagen omdat er aanvankelijk veel klachten waren over verlies van Wifi en kontakt verlies. Nu stel ik vast in dit forum dat de Vonk inderdaad ook een zeer interessante en slimme drone moet zijn. Ik heb al veel geleerd hier. Ik ben ook actief in Mavic Pilots onder de Nickname Pejebe55. Tot wederhoren!!
Hi, ik ben Patrick (nickname Pejebe) uit België. Sedert ongeveer een jaar, na mijn pensioen, ben ik beginnen vliegen met quadcopters, na het volgen van een initiatiecursus, om de wetgeving en de skills onder de knie te krijgen. Ik ben begonnen met de WL Toys Q222 als lesvliegtuig, om na enige tijd over te schakelen op een XK X300 met "optical positioning". Gezien beide erg windgevoelig zijn, en ik praktisch nooit ...
I have a concern with my spark drone, as I flew it I noticed that there were no front lights. It happened just two week ago. Is there a way to have it back?
Tried to fly this afternoon and couldn't .Very new to the Spark .The President is in town today and I cant get off the grown and missing a beautiful sunset .
Hello mate !
When you went to Huatulco Mexico, how many spark batteries did you bring? My son flew with his Mavic Air and the airlines limit him to a certain number of batteries and he hand carried the drone too.
Thanks for sharing the pix/video ,they are pretty awesome !!!
Is that a real photo with Clinton?
Yeah))) Him and Hillary visited while I was posted in that building. Hillary went in first looking really snobby. But Bill was very friendly.
Anyone flown a Spark off the back of a boat? I'm going to try it on a 60ft boat at various times coming down the coast from SFO.

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