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Recent content by aviscomi

  1. aviscomi

    Spark in the fog

    Nicely done
  2. aviscomi

    Tiny World Lisbon

  3. aviscomi

    New Pilot From Jawa Timur Indonesia

  4. aviscomi

    Two OTG questions

    No it is not supported...actually it was never supported.
  5. aviscomi

    New Pilot from Sheffield, UK

    Welcome and enjoy your Spark.
  6. aviscomi

    Connection without wifi help needed

    Please note that DJI has stated that they are working on an update for an OTG connection, but its been well over a month since they made that statement.
  7. aviscomi

    Connection without wifi help needed

    OTG cable connection is NOT supported by DJI, thus that might be your issue.
  8. aviscomi

    Portugal Cost - Sesimbra

    Very nice..
  9. aviscomi

    20-30 degrees Drift. Still shot my video of Snow, Ice, and water.

    I just read over on another forum where some are attributing "drift" to the possibility of the IMU not being warmed up enough. Seems like most that are encountering it are flying in cold temps.
  10. aviscomi

    Here we come!, Hello from Brazil!

    Welcome and enjoy your Spark
  11. aviscomi

    Spiny butterfly ray

    Not bad...did you know the Stingrays were there prior to filming?
  12. aviscomi

    The best drone!!!

    Very nice