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  • selling spark 19 minutes since refurb brand new remote orignal carry pouch and smart tree case 3 extra batteries , eclippsie tab with it they get along great ,micro mini to micro mini connectors for andriod charging hub, car charger 16 gb factory sd card , the old remote for parts if needed and 4 HAWKS sr2 range extender and i strongly suggest installing it it,s made the spark a great machine in the feild,and more
    i love litchi with my spark it, adds so much to it and now i,m so dissappointed that it is just junk with my mavic pro it has all kinds of issues , no i,ll take that back if has to connect to have issues i,ve tried everything to the point i,m afraid it is going to cause me problems with spark I thought it would be great but not !! i hear dji has a mission hub for mavic hope i can find it and it is as dependable
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