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Recent content by Dragonfly Joe

  1. Dragonfly Joe

    Covid Sunday

    Happy to see that the congregation of Spirit Church care enough about each other to stay away from each other.
  2. Dragonfly Joe

    Social Distancing

    Thanks for the laugh Tglass0000!
  3. Dragonfly Joe

    Take A Pause From All The Bad News And Travel The World

    Thank you so much. As with all your vids I enjoyed it very much. Stay healthy.
  4. Dragonfly Joe

    First flight

    Fantastic first flight Spark^ ! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Dragonfly Joe

    Hello from Ontario

    Hello from Chicago and welcome to the forum Spark^
  6. Dragonfly Joe

    Social Distancing

    Looks far enough away from everything.
  7. Dragonfly Joe


    Very cool shot Rendlesham! The castle has an interesting history (looked it up) and it's a shame is in such poor repair. Gorgeous area. Thank you for sharing with us.
  8. Dragonfly Joe

    HI here is south korea

    Welcome to the forum Zeze9. Thanks for the look. I enjoyed the clip and the music. Smooth flying. you are doing great for only your second flight.
  9. Dragonfly Joe

    Cancelled our trip to Costa Rica

    There are so many events that have been canceled and it is sad BUT glad you and the boss are staying quarantined to be around for those beautiful children and future Campitelli adventures.
  10. Dragonfly Joe

    Hello from my bunker

    Wise words Rendlesham and I hope well heeded by all. We too have kept isolated and I wish everyone else could/would so we can break this chain. Thanks for sharing the beauty of Killarney Nation Park. Stay healthy all of you.
  11. Dragonfly Joe

    Not All Bad News 🤟

    Congratulation RedZeppelin! Well deserved award.
  12. Dragonfly Joe

    Orcas = Brown Water!!

    Wow is right, Judy has balls of brass! Thanks for the look ThePara.
  13. Dragonfly Joe

    Mavic Mini flight review - Fly with caution

    Very informative and well done video VicVideo. Thanks for taking the time to not only make the video but also sharing with us.
  14. Dragonfly Joe

    Saturday evening pictures

    Thanks for the great pictures Vader01, love how the sun is splitting the water.
  15. Dragonfly Joe

    THAW - (Self Isolation in the Woods) a short film

    Gorgeous shots Baqca Sanke. With another few inches of fresh snow yesterday your video reminds me that Spring IS coming.