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Recent content by I B Spectre

  1. I B Spectre

    A few first flight pics.

    Nice shots! I presume some post-production enhancement?
  2. I B Spectre

    Some wilderness stills to share

    Lookin' good, Robin. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I B Spectre

    Done it again-no daily digests!

    Not sure if the updates you're talking about are delivered through email, but I found clicking on my avatar in upper right next to the PM envelope to open my Account Details, then select SETTINGS, there's a box that can be checked for RECEIVE NEWS AND UPDATE EMAILS. It's also duplicated under...
  4. I B Spectre

    Magnetic filed (sic) interference???

    Would pressing the PAUSE button have helped in any way when it went into ATTI mode?
  5. I B Spectre

    Medical delivery by drone in NC

    Seems like a good use of drone technology for a specific use, unlike mass parcel and food delivery, especially since ZipLine has well demonstrated success in under-developed parts of Africa. Medical delivery drone service approved
  6. I B Spectre

    The greening of spring

    Dang, that's around the temperatures we've had at latitude 30 north! Break out the bug juice and stay hydrated while you explore that MA2. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
  7. I B Spectre

    Shore Run

    Thanks for sharing that, RotorWash. The peaceful feeling imparted by scenic solitude and your choice of music nourishes the soul. It's been summertime hot here in northeastern Florida and until yesterday, we were looking at near drought conditions. Fortunately we haven't been plagued with the...
  8. I B Spectre

    Good starter drones for kids

    I have a Syma that I use to chase squirrels off the bird feeder, but I find it very hard to fly accurately. I also have a DJI Spark and it's lightyears better and easier to fly well, but far more expensive. It is very stable in all flight regimes and has the ability to return if the signal is...
  9. I B Spectre

    Court ruling may force DJI to pull numerous drones off shelves in U.S.

    I wonder how long it will take the tinfoil hat crowd to start speculating on door-to-door searches to confiscate the mentioned drones. I believe you're right that it's likely DJI and Autel will come to a financial arrangement that will let those products continue to be sold with their quick...
  10. I B Spectre

    OTG Cable

    I can only shake my head in wonderment when DJI support says this. Support for OTG enabled with Go 4 v4.2.12. They need to update their support script.
  11. I B Spectre

    FAA Targets 2021 for Launch of Remote ID

    Some elements of the paper may offer some degree of optimism, other parts not so much. The FAA administrator's push to have some aspect ready to deploy by the end of this year seems to "just get something going", but still seems rushed to me. The congressional mandate was laid down four years...
  12. I B Spectre

    Spark gets a close look at the Count's bedroom/ballroom

    If you want to bring an end to something, tax it out of existence. Too bad it couldn't be preserved for future generations.
  13. I B Spectre

    Silo murals, Victoria, Australia

    Wonderous artistic talent displayed on a grand scale...and in color, too! Thanks for sharing.
  14. I B Spectre

    Loch iel reserve, Victoria, Australia

    Nicely flown, I was particularly impressed with the speed and resulting smoothness of the panning. Often pilots yaw too quickly which renders a choppy pan. Thanks for sharing.
  15. I B Spectre

    DJI GO 4 MOD 2.0 | DJI GO 4 MOD LITE [ Additional Features | Android | App Ver. 4.1.15 ]

    It's been awhile since I've flown my Spark, but some recent posts in this thread got me thinking. I uninstalled Go 4 v4.3.20 and installed the Mod 2.0 v4.1.15 to access more Intelligent Flight modes. The Mod I installed was the one that uses Google Maps, with the red Go 4 icon. I'd read that...