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Recent content by jcalod

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    App Update iOS 4.1.5

    I don't know if it's coincidence, or the firmware update, but it seems like I'm up and flying way faster since all the updates. It used to take me quite a while to connect to the RC. Last couple times it went quick and smooth. No need to use the cable either.
  2. J

    180 Pano Mode How-To And Examples (It's super easy!)

    Do you need to view the pano in flight to have it stitch properly? Every time I use pano it takes the photos properly, but I can't figure how to stitch them or view it. Using iPhone/iPad mini and a mac with just iPhoto.
  3. J

    Rotation issue

    I noticed this same issue recently.
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    Warning Zone (Class E) - what does this mean?

    You probably live in a transition zone near said airport. It's so aircraft can fly in instrument conditions "protected" from uncontrolled airspace/aircraft while under ATC control.
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    Please help - Day 1 cannot fly :(

    Could there be another airport you're not familiar with? Like an executive airport? Where in NJ?
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    Return To Home Speed > Outbound Speed

    Sport mode I've at it up to 20-30mph