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Recent content by Krash

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    Generic Drone Case

    I guess I can post this info. Harbor Freight.com has different size plastic cases with good prices and reviews. Hope I didn't break any guidelines for the site. No need for reply, thanks all , hope I helped.
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    Consider this

    Well some FAA regs can be a little complicated until get use to them, no big deal. Are any of the online programs worth the money?
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    How to use the site

    How do I answer replies and send them back ? Plus another features of this site. I have been picking things up here, very helpful. Thanks everyone 🤗
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    Consider this

    Just trying to make flying more enjoyable, Like i said l'm new and trying to figure things out and make flying safer and enjoyable, after all drones are considered aircraft to the FAA. I'll keep on learning.
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    Consider this

    No, no way do i want to ground drones. Just maybe loosen up some regs and have more guidelines for future issues that might come.
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    Consider this

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    Consider this

    Would having a regulation concerning different altitudes and the distance the A/C can fly from the PIC? For example flying at 30 feet altitude you could fly maybe 50 feet from your position? This would have to be discussed and ironed out with the FAA .Just a thought or over thinking.👨‍✈️