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Recent content by NaweG

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    100 Mavic Mini Fly More Combos–in-stock ready to ship from Florida Drone Supply!

    Can't find anything on your site about your shipping policy? Would hate to buy one and then find out it's going to take two weeks to get here. Could you point me to your shipping FAQ or tell us a bit about what the options are?
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    Well, I suppose it was inevitable...

    I got some photos of the signs so I could try calling the numbers eventually. As for the flight logs, I don't appear to have ended up with any for that flight. Video I posted in another thread is from the same general area, but had not gotten as far as the bridge which is why I went out there...
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    Spark Over Texas - James Kiehl River Park

    In this rural area about an hour west of San Antonio there a park along the Guadalupe River. Get there early enough and you can beat the folks who spend the day tubing and kayaking (and thus avoid needing a waiver to fly over people) :cool:
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    Well, I suppose it was inevitable...

    No, I didn't have the guards on, because I've heard the extra weight can impact battery life. So guess there's a new argument "for" using the prop guards :) As far as buying another Spark, is there anywhere you can buy JUST the Spark. I need the battery that comes with it, but having...
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    Well, I suppose it was inevitable...

    Had to wait a week because I wanted to make sure this was a report and not a rant. But want to pass along some lessons learned: 1) Turning off the obstacle avoidance was the trick to letting me go from 6mph to 20mph flying. 2) You can use an iPad (with the correct adapter) with your Controller...
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    Hoping to get out tomorrow, and will try to put all this good info to work. Also got around to getting my Part 107 test scheduled for August 19th, so busy, busy here :)
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    DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 production rumored to restart

    Presume the publication is considered reliable? A new Mavic 2 in the late January/early Feb time period coincides with when I am most likely going to be able to afford the upgrade. So good news (for me) :)
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    Cloudcroft and Ruidoso, NM and Drone Flying

    Traveling to this area the first week of October. If I go to AirMap and look at Cloudcroft and the Sunspot Highway running south of there, everything appears to be nice Class G airspace which should let me get some wonderful fall color views. But if I look at AirMap for Ruidoso, and as near as...
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    Got you. Will try that on the next flight (before take off). Or is it safe to switch during flight?
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    Confirmed it's at max, but noticed that when I brought the app up it kind of "jumped" over to that, so now I'm suspecting I may need to check that before each flight. IOW, maybe it's defaulting and not always moving over...
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    I presume you don't mean you switch it off mid-flight? Are you hitting the sport switch off and on, or literally power off and on, or...? Thanks!
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    Had already turned off, but did check again to make sure I hadn't somehow flipped it back. Given I did around 1400ft (one way) on the flight, I'm pretty sure it was off then as well, but a good point to double-check. Anything else I might have missed? Maybe an advanced option? Only thing I can...
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    Slow speed in sport mode?

    Flying my spark with the controller, and have the switch set to Sports mode, but it still won't go faster than about 6-7 mph. On Return to Home it usually goes more like 20mph. Is there some other setting I've missed that might be causing it to fly so slow? Most of the time it's not a big deal...
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    Just received a nice gift.

    Hopefully you already noticed, but from your pictures it looks like the protective film is still on each of the reflectors. Not sure that would hurt the reception... but can't imagine it helps either.