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abandoned ship

  1. Steve P McManus

    Ship and Yachts. Lakeshore (Port Credit)

    This one is a LITCHI mission. Was pretty scarry, the video blipped out soon after take off. Making me panic big time. It all worked out fine. Yeay for Home button.
  2. J

    Abandoned Places and Ruined Castles DJI SPARK

    Hi there, Please check out my videos, I'm rather new to it but I have made a little youtube channel to post my DJI Spark explorations on. If anyone would subscribe I would REALLY appreciate it! Much love, happy flying! :) Ruins and Abandoned Places - YouTube
  3. J

    Filming an Abandoned Ship with my Spark, who said it was a 'selfie drone'?

    Heyyy! I've literally just started a YouTube account of my Spark encounters, if anyone is remotely interested in filming with the Spark, or indeed just beautiful places, then would you possibly consider subscribing to my channel? ( JonaThanksAlot! ) I know it sounds pathetic (lol), it's only to...