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    Privacy Mode yet?

    I’ve read that DJI is going to get a “private mode” that allows flights without any connection to DJI severs. Is that available yet for the Spark? I just got a new Spark Fly More Combo, still in the box. Do I have to activate it before flying? What exactly happens when I do that, and what do I...
  2. A

    Fly More Activation

    Good evening. I initially could not figure out how to activate my Spark and had to find the answer. It may already be here but I found it else where. Apologies if this is already here - just trying to help out. The Fly More Spark SSID will not show up on your device to activate it because...
  3. F

    Flymore combo setup, first flight, my observations

    I got my sunrise yellow flymore combo this morning (ordered on 5/24). Packaging was good, everything was nicely wrapped or fit a perfect space in the box. Charged batteries, went through manuals, activated Spark through DJI Go 4 app on iPad mini 4, updated firmware and did a short test flight...