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Flymore combo setup, first flight, my observations


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May 30, 2017
I got my sunrise yellow flymore combo this morning (ordered on 5/24). Packaging was good, everything was nicely wrapped or fit a perfect space in the box.
Charged batteries, went through manuals, activated Spark through DJI Go 4 app on iPad mini 4, updated firmware and did a short test flight. Manuals seemed daunting to see but only because the volume was due to multiple languages.
Activation via QR code didn't work, so I powered it all up and went into the app. It walked me through activation but had to go from home wifi to Spark wifi a couple times.
The bag seems a bit tight too me for all the stuff but will fit controller, Spark and batteries OK but not the prop guards.
The firmware update was a little mysterious. It downloaded through app and updated Spark first, but the indication bar stayed at 0% throughout the aircraft update. I wasn't sure it was done, but Spark rebooted and I heard it say home point updated with normal LEDs showing.
The update of the controller followed (app was still showing update required) and it did show the progress bar and the "Update Complete" at the end.
By then had a partial battery, so a short test flight was next. Very stable in flight.
The Spark seemed hot to the touch when it landed. I put an IR temp gun on it and got 112 deg F (it felt warmer). That was after I carried it inside and set it down ( a few minutes had elapsed). Probably within spec, but not something I am going to leave my hand wrapped around.
I wish the USB on controller was same as Mavic I could have used same cable to connect my iPad instead of wifi. Ordered cable adapter from Amazon.
Have not reviewed video or photos yet.


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May 27, 2017
Philadelphia, PA
Glad to hear the setup wasn't too bad. Some of use early Spark guys had a hell of a time figuring it out. The QR method of activation is useless.

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