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active track

  1. Roy Rogers

    Drone Films Drone Films Drone trying To Active Track a Drone

    Check out the whole playlist
  2. nilanjan118

    Active tracking my bicycle

    Hello folks, I have been using the DJI Spark for about a month now and here's a video of me using the "Active track" feature while cycling. I would like to get the thoughts of the more experienced pilots about this video and may be some tips to use this feature better. Thank you.
  3. F

    Can Active Track make it track me as it ascends?

    Hi there, new here. I'm curious to know if when using the Active Track feature you can make the drone track you and ascend at the same time without doing it manually? Like if it starts say at 4 feet altitude when i set it to active track, can it be set to ascend on its own while I walk away or...
  4. B

    Active Track flight stopped by Unknown Restricted area.

    I was testing the 'follow' capability in Active Track by trying to follow my brother's jeep in the desert area NW of Phoenix. The Spark followed it for quite a distance. When it stopped, I had assumed that it was because the jeep reached a speed too fast for the Spark. But when I eventually...
  5. Simon Cooper

    Cool Active Track Of Me On My Bike in Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  6. M

    Strange crash - 4.2.12, OTG, active track

    I had a wierd crash today morning. I was using the new 4.2.12 app with OTG connection and was in active track mode, following my daughter on the bike. The Spark stopped because a tree braanch was in front of it, I bypassed it and initiated the activive track further. Suddenly the connection was...
  7. D

    Took the buggy on a ride and brought the Spark along

    I'm new to editing and flying so let me know what you think.
  8. D

    Active Track on water, surfing

    Hey guys, just want to show you my new video testing Active Track on the DJI SPARK Everything except the last wave was shot with Active Track mode which works really great in this conditions. Even better than we expected! cheers :)
  9. B

    Quick shot stuck in Active track mode

    Hey guys, The first time I used my spark (with rc + Sony Xperia Z3) I clicked on the quick shot and selected active track. Now whenever I select quick shot it's always on active track and there's no way to toggle out of it. Any ideas why this is happening? Also, anyone know if there is a way...
  10. C

    Tried Activetrack at 30+ MPH...Kind Of Surprised By Results

    I finally had the chance to test activetrack in my SUV, all the way from a crawl to 30+ mph...The Spark did a lot better than I thought it would.