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  1. Andro

    DJI Spark short movies by AndroID

    A few glimpses of Costa Rica beaches from the air: Takeoff and landing on a sailboat, anchored still:]
  2. Andro

    Small trimaran sailing

    A windy day - just right to test spark over water and catch a few glimpses of trimaran sailing by. Hope to be able to use activetrack next time, as it's pretty hard to manually follow the boat in motion.::
  3. nilanjan118

    JAPAN - Tsuchiura | Cinematic Drone Video

    Shot this on the last day of 2018 in Tsuchiura, Japan. It is a city located in South-Western Ibaraki Prefecture about 60kms north of Tokyo metropolis. Looking forward to seeing more new places and shooting at more beautiful locations in 2019. And on that note, wishing all the Spark pilots a very...
  4. M

    Spark return to controller?

    I'm bringing a large boat down from San Fran to SoCal and I want to do some shots of the boat off shore in the ocean. Anyone know if there's a way to RTC (Return to Controller)? Sounds like RTH will send it back to where it took off. If the boat is moving that's gonna be ugly.
  5. P

    Tips for boat / sea / beach flights

    Hello! I've experimented few things with my Spark recently that I would like to share with you. It might be a bit dumb for many of you but I didn't think about that before and I've been surprised (hopefully each time I had a solution (chance) to escape): - When you are on a boat (and then...