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  1. I

    Has new DJI Go 4 App Update Killed the OTG Cable?

    So just update the Go4 App for iOS. Amazing improvement/Instructions for connection, but is this the end of the OTG Cable?
  2. S

    2 Spark questions- "DIY OTG connector?" & "Spark payload/sensor blocking"

    Hi! Loving my new Spark so far, and doing lots of fun experiments with it. I have two questions I haven't found answers to yet: 1. I've got plenty of lightning cables & micro USB's around. I'd like to combine a set and make a custom length OTG connector to try. Does anyone have a pinout or...
  3. Liamski

    OTG has transformed my Spark Experience....

    I know it's not officially supported but OTG connection has transformed my Spark experience. Got the Fly More Combo, and my first couple of flights were a complete mess with horrendous video lag and frequent disconnects (I use a Sony Xperia Z for it but was same with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)...