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  1. T

    Broke ribbon cable inside the controller

    I was trying to put the antenna mod on my controller and accidentally took the top cover off from the bottom without disconnecting the ribbon cable from the sticks which broke off from the housing, its brand new, bought the other day. What's the best thing to do, is this even repairable or do I...
  2. Soar Like an Eagle

    OTG. I've not understood very well some things.

    Hello people, I've been reading DJI forum for a while but I've not clear what OTG, on an Android device, can do. I've a S7 Edge, and I've used an OTG connector to connect my phone to RC and I've noticed that it was recognized by DJI Go. My question is: What is the main reason to use an OTG...
  3. I

    Has new DJI Go 4 App Update Killed the OTG Cable?

    So just update the Go4 App for iOS. Amazing improvement/Instructions for connection, but is this the end of the OTG Cable?
  4. S

    2 Spark questions- "DIY OTG connector?" & "Spark payload/sensor blocking"

    Hi! Loving my new Spark so far, and doing lots of fun experiments with it. I have two questions I haven't found answers to yet: 1. I've got plenty of lightning cables & micro USB's around. I'd like to combine a set and make a custom length OTG connector to try. Does anyone have a pinout or...
  5. Liamski

    OTG has transformed my Spark Experience....

    I know it's not officially supported but OTG connection has transformed my Spark experience. Got the Fly More Combo, and my first couple of flights were a complete mess with horrendous video lag and frequent disconnects (I use a Sony Xperia Z for it but was same with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)...