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  1. Pe11e

    IMU calibration

    Hello fellow pilots :) I like to do IMU calibration once in a while, especially if Spark wasn't used for longer than few weeks. The thing is, on certain steps, I can't place the Spark as showed in the DJI GO 4 app, it tends to fall. In other words, these steps when you must place it to stand...
  2. F

    New motherboard

    Hi guys, I bought new motherboard and now Spark is flashing green yellow red front lights, back are red.. I cant do nothing...Tried push 3sec power button for linkink - nothing. Connect it to app - no wifi detected... Somebody said to me, it has to be send it back to DJI support to calibrate new...
  3. B

    Stick Not Centered RC Loud beep failed dial calibration

    I searched and wasn’t able to find any help. When I turn remote on after a few seconds I get a red rapid loud beep. It says “Stick Not Centered” (even though they look like they are). I go to calibrate remote, I run sticks around square box without issue then on the next page my physical left...