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castle by drone

  1. Andro

    The Last Castle in Autumn

    Remembering warm autumn days, just have put together some footage from flights over a castle here:
  2. lysak2003

    Mountains and Castles

    Hello friends! It is definitely true all we love mountains and castles. Another one trip, full of adventures and emotions, to the Borderland - Ukrainian Carpathians. Hope you enjoy! There are following locations: ... 00:01 Chervonogorod Castle 00:22 mount Zhandarm (1763 m) Dragobrat region...
  3. J

    Ruins of 'Shakespeare's' Welsh Castle built in 1277 all by DJI Spark:)

    This is a video I made a few weeks ago, it literally was a 'flying visit', I had about half an hour there unfortunately:( There are a few shots I would probably redo, but the castle is well worth visiting! Shakespeare's play Richard II features this castle for a major scene, which makes it all...