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compass calibration

  1. AdoraSlimi

    Compass is going crazy

    Hey. I got a problem. My drone constantly shows a compass error. The compass is always in the red zone. And it’s very bad that calibration does not help. Give some advice please. What to do?
  2. H

    Spark wont take off?

    So I'm not sure if it's because I did some maintenance and somehow broke something or forgot something (well... the pin head for the front sensor got stuffed, but that shouldn't be a problem for general flight?) Or there was an update that I just did with it. But it won't take off, auto take off...
  3. M

    URGENT::magnetic interference stuck on compass calibration

    I get magnetic interference detected no matter where go. The app says to calibrate compass. When I head to calibrating compass however - there is no button to calibrate - rather in red text(see image) I get 'restart t... aircraft'. This happens on both latest firmware and the base factory reset...
  4. P

    Compass calibration procedure does not agree in Go4 app and manual !!

    Take a look at the image captures attached. In the latest DJI Spark manual, it says that step 2 of compass cal is to point the aircraft nose down as in the Phantom calibration. The DJI Go4 app shows the bird on its side and tells you to turn it. Is this new for the Spark only? What is the...