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  1. Mad.Flyer

    Hydro dipped Spark top cover

    I've been planning to try out hydro dipping for some time already. When my white Spark arrived, I also tried to cover it with classic wrap/skin available on the market, but didn't like the result. Since top cover is relatively easy to remove, I thought: "It's high time to try".
  2. B

    How to repair / replace ...

    Hi everyone! I need a little help. Im very new to the drone world. Just got my spark and guess what, i broke my first part. I broke the led lamp shade cover. Light works fine and all. I just to replace the cover. I found some parts on eBay, but they won't get here in a few weeks (from China)...
  3. Shawn Ide

    Pimp out your Spark!!

    Hey guys... I was sent a couple of accessories to review. I think the Silicone cover is awesome. Here are the prop guards. I think they will work well inside. What do you guys think?
  4. W

    Spark's LED Cover Broken

    Hello, I got a Spark as my very first drone two days ago, It was raining when I received the drone and as I had waited half my life for this moment I decided to fly it in my Dad's automotive shop. I put the prop guards on, flew it for about ten minutes and everything went fine. I was putting...
  5. J

    Spark fell and gimball cover fell off - what glue?

    Was flying the spark and the battery latch issue occured so it fell onto the table about 40 cm. a small C-shaped plastic covering one side of the back of the gimbal fell off (has two prongs) Anyone recommend a glue to piece it back together? Gorilla Glue? Its more asthetic, spark functions...
  6. R

    Skin wont work with prop guards

    I got a skin cover from Decal Girl, and covered the Spark. The skin was well done, and looks great, however would not allow use of the propeller guards. The extra thickness around the motor mounts made the diameter too large to accept the guard. After removing the motor mount wrap, I found...