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dji care refresh for spark

  1. C

    Truth about DJI Care Refresh

    I wonder if everyone knows that DJI will replace your drone with a refurbished one? After I received the worst after-sales service from DJI, I was browsing the drone forums and I found this. 大疆!大疆!大疆!你们这样对待用户? (The original post was in chinese dji forum) The guy sent his drone for repair and...
  2. limesqueezy

    DJI Care for Used Goods

    Wondering if anyone knows the DJI policy/procedure regarding activation and/or DJI Care availability for used DJI products, including the Spark? I'm really just trying to buy batteries but have found some deals better than my BestBuy purchase and can still return for a few dollars if I can find...
  3. J

    Awesome DJI Support Experience!

    I lost my Spark last month (it force-landed into a river coz of mid-flight NFZ issues) and duly filed a DJI Care Refresh claim. Though it took about a month, the support techs were responsive all in all - the support techs were very professional and the analysis process just required some...
  4. D

    Flyaway after 3 days of purchase! July 4th Mayhem!

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my recent experience. I took my Spark out for a fly on July 4th (to shoot the sunset, fireworks, etc), and my bird got rogue. Everything was looking perfect, my GPS signal was fine, three days before this I did a firmware update, the compass was green, etc...
  5. Advexure

    DJI Care Refresh - Should I get it for my Spark?

    When you order DJI Spark you will likely be asked if you want to purchase DJI Care Refresh for your Spark. If Spark is your first DJI drone you may not be familiar with DJI's Care Refresh program, so what should you know? Care Refresh covers accidental damage to the DJI new products during...