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dji care

  1. C

    Truth about DJI Care Refresh

    I wonder if everyone knows that DJI will replace your drone with a refurbished one? After I received the worst after-sales service from DJI, I was browsing the drone forums and I found this. 大疆!大疆!大疆!你们这样对待用户? (The original post was in chinese dji forum) The guy sent his drone for repair and...
  2. limesqueezy

    DJI Care for Used Goods

    Wondering if anyone knows the DJI policy/procedure regarding activation and/or DJI Care availability for used DJI products, including the Spark? I'm really just trying to buy batteries but have found some deals better than my BestBuy purchase and can still return for a few dollars if I can find...
  3. HoboDan

    Santa’s not coming... Thanks DJI

    i ordered the spark portable charger and bag on November 30 and it said the merch will ship 5-10 days after proof of payment.. We’ll, it took about an hour for Pay Pal to confirm payment, but They haven’t shipped yet. I chatted with dji and they said it was out of stock and will ship December...