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dji go 4 app

  1. G

    Flight Info

    The DJI GO 4 application, under the menu item 'Flight Record', displays the route of a flight with its coordinates. I have searched the files with the flight data inside the DJI folder on my smartphone (galaxy s7 edge) because I would like to export them to my PC, but I have not found anything...
  2. infamousevans

    Question on SD Card & Video Editing w/ App

    Hey guys, I actually got my Spark up in the air for a good long flight this weekend. We finally had a decent break in the weather in North East PA. I burned through 4 batteries and got a lot of really great video. I put a 64gig SD card in the Spark and all of the videos recorded onto it. Is...
  3. bath1968

    Spark out in the Cold and Snow

    Just a quick flight today in the snow and cold.:)
  4. T

    Greetings from freezing cold Alaska

    Hello everyone! I joined the site to find out some more information about flying and just to see what other people with drones are talking about. I have had my spark for a little over two months. It is now being repaired after the amazingly awful iOS DJI Go 4 app crashed during an active track...