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dji spark batteries

  1. R

    Locked Spark batteries

    I have a couple of spark batteries that were sitting idle for over a year, and they won't charge again. I read that since they were uncharged for such a long time; the "smart chip" that "protects" the battery, takes is to a point that you can not charge them anymore. Does anyone know a hack on...
  2. JoaoPedro Drone

    abandoned factory(Portugal) Cinematic Footage - Dji Spark

    Well folks, here I bring you some spark images. Hope you like it
  3. JoaoPedro Drone

    Finally dji spark - Cinematic video

    Dji Spark - Cinematic Footage - Ruins Thank's for watch subscribe the channel
  4. Advexure

    Spark Batteries IN STOCK at Advexure!

    Spark Batteries are now IN STOCK at Advexure! Buy DJI Spark Batteries - $49 Order by 4pm PST for same day shipping!! Safe and happy flying! -The Advexure Team