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drone crash

  1. G

    Help with interpreting crash (and suggestions for fixing it)

    HI all, recently I had a bad crash which ended up with a broken arm (the spark front-right, not mine!), but I'd like confirmation from the experts here on what really happened. [You can skip the part in blue if you want] A bit of context: many months ago I had another hard crash (I know, I...
  2. Roy Rogers

    !!Crashed My UAV in Sport Mode !!

    Don't get Complacent !! Fly SAFE!
  3. J

    DJI Spark Fell From The Sky From 400'

    Hello All, Yesterday my spark fell from the sky from 400' after the battery died. The problem I was having before I took off was that it was not showing the correct altitude when above 15' and i was testing it in a open field so as not to damage or hurt someone. When i saw that I was having the...
  4. optionbLur

    Just Another Irresponsible Drone Pilot

    DJI Drone Collided with US Army Black Hawk Chopper and Dented Its Rotor "So for its verdict regarding the probable cause of this accident, the NTSB concludes that there were two: first, “the failure of the sUAS pilot to see and avoid the helicopter due to his intentional flight beyond visual...