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  1. S

    Shames Mountain. Terrace B.C.

    Learning to edit videos still. I inserted some stills at the beginning and at the end of the video. In one you can see our local ski hill runs on the right up high in the mountain on the right.
  2. S

    Tips For Uploading to YouTube?

    Hi all! Wondering whether I could get people’s various tips when it comes to uploading footage to YouTube? I figure others would find this useful also. To begin with, does anyone have advice on how to best preserve the Spark’s video quality when posting to YouTube? In this vid, the final...
  3. Rammers1975

    iPad mini 4

    Hi , 1 .Does know if the iPad mini 4 fits in the spark remote without mods?? some people on you tube appear to use them but it’s not clear if they have adapted the Remote . 2. Is also the iPad mini 4 good for editing the 1080 30 fps footage ??? I don’t own a lap top or computer Thanks
  4. Chappie Chappeau

    Photoshop And PowerPoint Production At The Beach

    Colors edited with Photoshop. Timing and Animation produced with PowerPoint.
  5. limesqueezy

    Video Editing on iPad Mini...

    Hi, I've searched the forums and looked at a bunch of posts, but they don't directly answer my questions, so at the risk of being flamed (you wouldn't do that, would you?), here are my questions. 1) Is anyone editing video with iMovie on iPad, or more specifically iPad Mini? 2) If editing on...
  6. infamousevans

    Question on SD Card & Video Editing w/ App

    Hey guys, I actually got my Spark up in the air for a good long flight this weekend. We finally had a decent break in the weather in North East PA. I burned through 4 batteries and got a lot of really great video. I put a 64gig SD card in the Spark and all of the videos recorded onto it. Is...
  7. G

    Managing video and photos

    It is not clear to me how DJI deals with the photos and videos taken with the spark. I would prefer to download directly from the card taken from the drone and inserted into my computer. I think I get an icon on the phone that indicates something is full, but it can't be. Also the mp4 videos...