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  1. B

    FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!

    Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give...
  2. Roy Rogers

    A Drone Flying Above The Clouds in Johnson City TN

    before making a FAA fuse about 400ft read the YouTube video Description Thank you very much for watching!!! :D
  3. F

    Who has the authority to tell you that you can't fly a drone in an area?

    Hi everyone. First of all, this is purely hypothetical. I'm a mild mannered person and not looking for a confrontation. If I'm flying in an area, and someone asks me to not fly over their property, I'm either just agreeing to leave or asking nicely to finish capturing something I feel is...
  4. B

    Happy Holidays from CO

    Hello Pilots! Just got a Spark and was curious about flying restrictions since it's such a small UAS. I'm in the Boulder/Front Range area and am aware of the strict laws in place (even for such a small UAS?). I was more curious about pilots experiences in the mountains and back country. If...
  5. I

    FAA Drone registration is Back.. Shame Spark isn't 55g lighter!

    FAA Drone Registration is back...with immediate effect, if living or visiting the US make sure you register ridiculous penalties if you don't .