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first flight

  1. DJI Spark. Let's try, let's fly...

    DJI Spark. Let's try, let's fly...

    This is my first flight with the Spark.
  2. O

    First week of videos Flying the DJI Spark

    My First week of edited videos using the DJI spark. Enjoy! Weekend Test Flight at Paloma Park. Sunrise over Marangaroo Whitemans Park - Perth Western Australia. Embracing the Flora .
  3. BrianP

    First ever outdoors flight -brill!!!

    Firstly, thank you to all those that have helped me understand the DJI Spark. 6 mins of the drone and then 15 mins of the river Tees and its coastline. Hope you enjoy it! - I did and can't wait for the next flight. Here's a link to my first ever outdoors Spark flight...
  4. Austevik Dronefoto

    Dji Spark | First Flight - First Snow | Spark Drone Video

    Finally got to fly my Spark - or little Sparky as I call it. The snow had just come here, sun was shining and no wind, so I went to a lake nearby to fly for the first time. Some drama and I give my first impressions on this super fun drone! Spoiler: I like it alot!
  5. L

    First check in, live in Stockholm, hello from Ningbo China

    First time drone so totally a newbie. Bought my Spark here in China. First Drone flight met by No fly zone so no take off. Only able to very carefully practice in my room, not recommended but I have not crashed. 2 weeks ago took a 10 min taxi ride, setup took off and got a landing warning...
  6. A

    The Maiden Sortie Thread

    Post your first flight experience here.
  7. F

    Flymore combo setup, first flight, my observations

    I got my sunrise yellow flymore combo this morning (ordered on 5/24). Packaging was good, everything was nicely wrapped or fit a perfect space in the box. Charged batteries, went through manuals, activated Spark through DJI Go 4 app on iPad mini 4, updated firmware and did a short test flight...
  8. Dronason

    First flight, idiot mistake with wifi

    I made my first flight today with my new Spark and this is to share it. I have some experience with "new" stuff from DJI but it was for me the first drone to fly using just an android phone, no RC, I was a little afraid. So first read manuals, check forums (sign in to SparkPilots, so good...