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  1. Zeljkobn

    New flight! :) spark

  2. bath1968

    Some edited clips of a sunny Sunday flight

    Been trying my hand at some first time editing, your comments will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy
  3. bath1968

    First Sunny Flight in 2018

    First proper flight this year, so glad the weather and the days are now drawing out. Enjoy..
  4. bath1968

    Catching the Train (second night flight)

    Second night flight at the train station. Loving my Spark
  5. bath1968

    Felixstowe Docks

    Nice sunny day down at Felixstowe, in early October
  6. E

    ActiveTrack and Porsche 914

    Testing the ActiveTrack intelligent flight mode of the DJI Spark by tracking a 1976 Porsche 914.