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fly away

  1. T

    Lost Spark over water, Find my drone says it landed on dry land.

    Hi. I am helping my son to find MY Spark drone. :) He was flying over water to test a range extender, when suddenly all types of warnings appeared on his android phone. (Huawei 10 lite) Flight record show that the drone disappeared over the lake with zero speed, find my drone place the drone on...
  2. theletter3

    Spark Sudden Signal Loss and Fly Away

    Hi All, I just made an account in the hope that someone can review my flight log and let me know if I'm missing something that could help me find my drone. On August 2nd I had a strong signal, suddenly lost signal, initiated RTH, and then the drone reported a compass error and disconnected for...
  3. S

    Another Spark fly-away tale (True Story - Please help)

    Hi guys and girls. I bought a spark drone and a day after purchase I flew it no more than a 100 meters away when it disconnected and refused to RTH. I saw it all the time, drifting away from me until lost sight of it. I looked all around the neighborhood but no luck. It seems like it recorded...
  4. Tiller

    Spark has a heating issue?

    Hi everyone - I flew my awesome Spark today. It was about 88-90 F outside. Everything was going great until I started on the 2nd battery. All of a sudden when I pushed sticks to go up.. it abruptly descended, I tried to re adjust using small adjustments and all off a sudden it just dropped like...
  5. S

    Spark is gone :( Pls help analyzing flight record

    Hello. Long time lurker. On Monday night I lost my done. This has been the saddest week of my life. I took off and waited for it to record the Home Point. After that I flew it in one direction. Within 1-2 minutes I lost video feed. Then compass. Then gps. It said magnetic interference. By this...
  6. R

    Another one bites the dust

    I've been flying my spark consistently around once a week since I got it las july. Usually with OTG, but lately with Wifi as OTG was not getting telemetry with new versions and wifi seems to be getting more reliable lately. Last night I tried OTG again with the latest version 4.2.6. Hooked...