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flymore combo

  1. M

    For Sale: Fly More Combo White $300

    Charlotte, NC Purchased 12/27/17 6 hrs 44 minutes flight time 95 Total flights Zero Issues Perfect Condition DJI Spark Case and Form-fitting Doubi Case 3 Polar Pro Filter set Landing gear 2 Extra Batteries Upgraded to Mavic Pro
  2. P


  3. R

    Hello! Red Spark in Copenhagen

    Hello, Recently got a red Spark with the Fly more combo, my first drone actually :D and been playing around a bit, no serious flights yet but been loving it so far. Does anyone have any good recommendations on where to fly drones around Copenhagen?
  4. mgrollins

    Checking In from Santa Cruz, California, USA!

    Hi, new Spark Fly More owner. Previous owner of Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and ParkZone F-27 Stryker flying wing. Grew up very interested in aviation, helped that Gramps was a pilot and flew analog RC powered and gliders. Looking to grow skills and learn more. Have two small kids, and live in a...
  5. F

    Flymore combo setup, first flight, my observations

    I got my sunrise yellow flymore combo this morning (ordered on 5/24). Packaging was good, everything was nicely wrapped or fit a perfect space in the box. Charged batteries, went through manuals, activated Spark through DJI Go 4 app on iPad mini 4, updated firmware and did a short test flight...