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gimbal motor overload

  1. H

    Spark gimbal won’t move up and down after crash

    Hello to everyone, I’m new here and I came looking for a solution to a problem that came recently with my spark. Last time i flew it my battery fell of the drone in mid air, and the beast fell from like 50 m into the snow. I was able to find the battery quick in it, but i searched for the drone...
  2. M

    Where to start... Gimbal, vision system, and GPS issues

    This started with a crash where I broke the gimbal. I replaced, but broke the IMU ribbon in the process. I then replaced the IMU ribbon, but then broke the front sensor ribbon in the process. The gimbal, IMU module, and sensor ribbon have all been replaced using used eBay parts. The...
  3. S

    Gimbal Motor Overload - Help

    My Spark has about 1 hr on it, and no crashes. Last time I flew, I couldn't get the camera to point straight down (I was able to do so on earlier flights), and got the error message "Gimbal Motor Overload". That error went away, but the I couldn't point down. I thought that I'd bring it...