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  1. C

    DJI Spark - No Focus in pics

    Hello everybody, I’m new here and recently repaired my Spark after it landed in the sea. I replaced the front sensor and the gimbal. Now everything is find and working again, except the photos. Its alsways looks like there is the wrong focus. If I take pic 10-15cm away, it looks find, but the...
  2. S

    Spark Gimbal Jerky Movement Fixed at ~<10 Speed

    Hi ! My recently purchased Spark makes this Jerky TILT movement when the Gimbal Speed is fixed at a value <10 Speed. The actual problem is when trying to reveal the landscape by creating this cinematic movement pointing downwards and then slowly going upwards, the Gimbal then creates this jerky...
  3. VID_20190721_055941597_m.mp4


    Poznan City in Poland.
  4. A

    Gimbal problem

    Hello everyone, The gimble of my spark doesn't go higher than a specific stage (look at the image). There are still 3 lines but it doesn't go higher. What is shown in the image is the highest step that it goes. Anyone can help, please? Your help to solve it is much appreciated. Regards, Abi
  5. C

    Brand new spark, gyroscope error

    Just got my 2nd spark , one to replace my crashed one that’s out for service. With getting my 2nd spark I connected it to my pc , made sure the firm was up to date . Did all my calibrations , yet I still have a gimbal gyroscope error , right out of the box. Any help please, I’m reading things...
  6. H

    Spark gimbal won’t move up and down after crash

    Hello to everyone, I’m new here and I came looking for a solution to a problem that came recently with my spark. Last time i flew it my battery fell of the drone in mid air, and the beast fell from like 50 m into the snow. I was able to find the battery quick in it, but i searched for the drone...
  7. nilanjan118

    Gimbal Speed in TRIPOD mode

    I usually fly in P mode and have my gimbal speed set at 8~12 for smooth tilting of the camera while recording video. Few days back when I tried to tilt the gimbal in TRIPOD mode, I found that it barely moves as I already had the speed set at a very low value of ~10. What is the ideal speed...
  8. D

    How to: Spark Gimbal Calibration

    Hi fellow spark pilots, I recently had a little mishap (crash) with my spark, and noticed that the gimbal was out of alignment. I searched the internet far and wide to try and find some help on how to recalibrate the gimbal, but to no avail. However, thankfully just the other day I came across a...
  9. V

    Gimbal overload

    My last three or so flights both with autopilot and just with dji 4 app I've gotten a gimbal overload message. I then have to land, power down and restart to get it to work again. I had a gimbal protector on so I took it off to see, flew another flight and I still got a gimbal overload. I...
  10. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark Gimbal Noise

    My Spark’s gimbal motor has developed a loud, low, whining/schreeching noise which occurs as soon as I turn it on. Is this something for me to be concerned about? I’ve read that it’s nothing to worried about but I’m not so sure. I’ve done a comparison between 2 Sparks to demonstrate the...
  11. S

    Gimbal Motor Overload - Help

    My Spark has about 1 hr on it, and no crashes. Last time I flew, I couldn't get the camera to point straight down (I was able to do so on earlier flights), and got the error message "Gimbal Motor Overload". That error went away, but the I couldn't point down. I thought that I'd bring it...
  12. T

    Camera came out of gimbal

    So I crashed my Spark and the camera popped out of the gimbal. I tried to push it back in and it looks like it should just pop back in but I tried and it feels like I’m going to push to hard and it’s going to break. All the wires still work and I can turn it on. It still works except for the...
  13. T

    Camera came out of gimbal

    So I crashed my Spark and the camera popped out of the gimbal. It looks like you should be able to just push it back in but I have tried and it feels like I am going to push on it to hard and break it. If anyone knows a special trick or something to get it back in that would be great. I can...
  14. M

    HELP! gimbal issue angle

    hello to everyone after replacing the gimbal after a fall with a new one at power up i from this problem does the gimbal reset but keeps pointing down with about a 30 degree ago also going in options trying to modify the pitch the problem does not resolve ... i think i can solve it by software...
  15. M

    Spark's gimbal error

    Hi everyone, I just signed up in your forum because I find it nice and I just bought my Spark 2 days ago. I'm facing a small issue with my Spark : After 5-6 nice flights, I once got a quite "rough" landing / small crash due to a gust of wind. I took it again and was quite reassured it...
  16. Malakai

    DJI Spark gimbal protector

    Just got my gimbal protector from Amazon and this thing is perfect, clips on nicely, protects the gimbal perfectly. DJI should be shipping these with all sparks!! When its in the bag I hate that the gimbal could get knocked. This protects it perfectly. Anyway, here are some photos. :)