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iphone 5

  1. BrianP

    Newbie Q... upgrade phone or alternative app???

    hi, brand new spark owner here with newbie Q please... Looking at the spec of the DJI GO4 app it seems my iphone 5 will not run the app. What is the best solution please? -upgrade the phone or use a 3rd party app to fly the spark? Suggestions of suitable apps to fly the spark using my iphone...
  2. Tom Croley

    Old Guy with Iphone 5

    New to Forum... from WA state. OK... so I'm an old guy, 70, all I have is an Iphone 5, and Ipad 2 (old one), Windows 7, and Current Linux both on a PC. My Iphone is standard 5, not the 5S but it has IOS 10+ I ordered a Spark Bundle the other day. It arrives this week. Can I get it up and...