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  1. V

    Video Snow 2019

    La mia visione del nuovo anno Good vision!
  2. adventurecampitelli

    She Got Hurt! Cinque Terre Italy

    What an amazing place Cinque Terre is! Love this place but it's fairly treacherous, so if you ever go make sure you're up to it. Got some decent drone shots as well, plus used my dji Osmo Mobile 2 for most of the filming.
  3. adventurecampitelli


    Finally got to making the drone video for Italy. I always love doing these. I hope you enjoy it.
  4. C

    Flying out of town in Italy

    Hi Guys, I have read some of the Italian drone regulations and seems like there are very strict regulation on flying drones in Italy. I don't want to get into any trouble and wanted to confirm whether is it legal to fly drone over unpopulated area in Tuscany or Mountain site like Monte Baldo...