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  1. NacMacFeegle

    Beaver Falls - a hidden wonder of Northern Oregon.

    I captured this video over the course of two trips to this off-the-beaten-path location. Filming with the spark was difficult, as a GPS signal was difficult to acquire in the canyon, and kept cutting in and out at random. At the large falls I was forced to fly out over the water in Vision mode...
  2. JoostGT3

    An unusual pyramid...

    Enjoy my video of a pyramid built by one of Napoleon's generals in 1804. It is the first time I filmed in D-cinelike and attempted to get a good color in Adobe premiere elements (which doesn't seem to handle LUT's). I have to say I am quite happy with the sharpness of the footage and the quality...
  3. alexino

    Above Transalpina mountain road

    Hello guys! I have the little Spark for a month, it's my first drone, I'm also a beginner in videography and I dare to show you one of my first shots taken a few days ago, in the Carpathians Mountains, on Transalpina road, Romania. I also made some photos, you can see them on my photo blog...
  4. NacMacFeegle

    "Peace" short film + aerial photo gallery with illustrative prose.

    I made this video with the intention of creating a relaxing and serene experience that can be watched whenever you're feeling stressed or unhappy. It is part of a multimedia project on the theme of the silence and peace found after a heavy snowfall - I've published the complete piece which...
  5. NacMacFeegle

    Soaring over the Snow - video/photo gallery

    It's really difficult to get nice aerial footage of landscapes in Southwest Washington. However, a fresh blanket of snow makes everything look scenic and even spectacular! I've published a gallery of my best photos from Sunday on my blog: Illuminations from the attic: Soaring over the Snow -...
  6. optionbLur

    Notre Dame Cathedral

    Notre Dame Cathedral - Ho Chi Minh City