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  1. E

    Strobon CREE LED with 3D printed bracket

    Thought some may be interested to see this. I thought I would try the CREE strobe from Flytron on my Spark. A friend 3D printed the bracket. Looks good and certainly helps with visibility. Does affect responsiveness a little though, feels heavy even with this lightweight mod.
  2. B

    How to repair / replace ...

    Hi everyone! I need a little help. Im very new to the drone world. Just got my spark and guess what, i broke my first part. I broke the led lamp shade cover. Light works fine and all. I just to replace the cover. I found some parts on eBay, but they won't get here in a few weeks (from China)...
  3. W

    Spark's LED Cover Broken

    Hello, I got a Spark as my very first drone two days ago, It was raining when I received the drone and as I had waited half my life for this moment I decided to fly it in my Dad's automotive shop. I put the prop guards on, flew it for about ten minutes and everything went fine. I was putting...
  4. Caiokv

    DJI Spark Battery Bricked During Firmware Update Two Middle LEDs On

    Hello all, My DJI Spark battery just became paper weight! Here is what happened: I was updating my DJI Spark, with my phone connected to the controller via WiFi and the controller connected to Spark. At 98% of the update the aircraft would not turn on, and the battery was stuck with the two...