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  1. graywoulf

    Lightning up a storm

    This was a first for me but it was something I have hoped to do someday. There was a big storm brewing a ways off and I sent my Spark up to take a look for me. I didn't have a fully charged battery but I got enough footage to throw this video together. All raw video with all automatic settings...
  2. AeroMirage

    Lightning strikes!!

    Was out shooting basically a boring sunset then lightning began behind the clouds. Here are 8 extracted stills from a short video clip. Spark set to auto just hovering in wait......
  3. clackey

    Spark & iPhone 5s

    My spark fly more arrived today. Having some issues getting a good stable image from the spark to the controller to the iphone via wifi since I have no lightning to micro usb cable. Might also be an issue that I'm using an older iphone 5s. Upgrading the firmware now to see if that helps. If...