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  1. S

    Close estimate or exact horsepower, torque, and rpm of motors.

    What is a close estimate or the exact torque, rpm, and horsepower measurements of a motor on the dji spark? I can process both imperial and metric. Thank you.
  2. S

    Is it possible to use the Spark Motors with another ESC?

    Hi, So I'm trying to build my own quadcopter and I want to use Spark Motors. Is it possible to use another ESC? And if yes how many amps should the ESCs have?
  3. Baqca Sanke

    First Cinematic Use of DJI Spark (video)

    I finally got around to do a little filming with my new Spark. I've only had it flying a few times now. The gps is glitchty so i was weary of flying over the river but we survived. Please let me know what you think. -baqca
  4. K

    Missing bottom of motor

    Yesterday when I landed I saw that the bottom plug under one motor was missing. One of those with clear plastic lense that sends the blinking light out horizontally. Of course I got a bit frustrated. But after a while I investigated the Fly more combo case. And the missing piece was sitting...
  5. B

    Motor tight/stiff but flys fine. Should I worry?

    I’ve had the Spark since Christmas. Yes, I’ve had a couple of minor crashes, nothing serious. But I recently notice when landing that the left rear (when facing me) stops faster than the others. I spun them all manually and that motor seems more tight or stiff than the others. I’ve read some...
  6. M

    Hard motors after crash & fix.

    Hi, i crashed my spark and it fell about 2 meters down after a prop hit the wall. Now i have 2 harder motors and 1 very hard that prevents the drone from taking off. The drone is under warranty but they said the motors need to be replaced and ask for 55 euro per motor. Now, I prefer to do this...
  7. R

    Stiff/thight motor after crash and HOW i solve it.

    Hello pilots! A few days ago, i've chrashed my spark, after that i noticed that 1 motor was thight, when i flew the drone it was not 100% stable, and when i landed it, the stiffed motor was very hot. So i search for help in google, but no lucky, so i decided to try to repair my drone. i've...