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  1. Baqca Sanke

    Craggy Pinnacle At Sunrise - Western North Carolina - Blue Ridge Parkway

    Went out to Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's one of the few places that you can hike round me during Covid19. Got there for sunrise, i'm glad i did i had a wonderful time. I was the only one there which is very rare!
  2. nntom

    Biking, then climbing on Ostrvica peak, Rudnik mountain, Serbia

    Every year in november, we drive bikes to Ostrvica on Rudnik mountain and than climbing. It is 800 meters above sea level. This year, the weather was incredible and about 90 bikes came to this nice tour. Here is a video of peaks, we like to call them K1 and K2.
  3. alexino

    Above Transalpina mountain road

    Hello guys! I have the little Spark for a month, it's my first drone, I'm also a beginner in videography and I dare to show you one of my first shots taken a few days ago, in the Carpathians Mountains, on Transalpina road, Romania. I also made some photos, you can see them on my photo blog...
  4. C

    Flying out of town in Italy

    Hi Guys, I have read some of the Italian drone regulations and seems like there are very strict regulation on flying drones in Italy. I don't want to get into any trouble and wanted to confirm whether is it legal to fly drone over unpopulated area in Tuscany or Mountain site like Monte Baldo...
  5. C