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  1. theDRONEranger

    New SPARK owner

    Greetings all! Jeffrey, theDRONEranger, porting in from the Mavic forum. New owner of Bella, my newly arrived SPARK! Received her yesterday and believe it or not, have NOT even activated as yet. Other coals in the fire, don’t you know! Louie is my MAVIC AIR, so only fitting the SPARK is Bella...
  2. J

    I'm new to this....

    I purchased my drone around 4 weeks ago... i've flown a handful of time and now i've decided to use adobe premiere pro to make some footage, i'm also new to editing.. i was hoping for some folk to have a look at both the videos and hand out some pointers on both taking the shots and editing...
  3. F

    New motherboard

    Hi guys, I bought new motherboard and now Spark is flashing green yellow red front lights, back are red.. I cant do nothing...Tried push 3sec power button for linkink - nothing. Connect it to app - no wifi detected... Somebody said to me, it has to be send it back to DJI support to calibrate new...
  4. D

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS. From the change log not much has been updated, some general bug fixes and better notifications, but there might be under the cover updates. Has anyone been brave enough to try it with their Spark yet?
  5. A

    Resetting the Spark

    If I buy a used Spark from another Person is there a way to reset the Spark so that I can change the DJI Account and the name basically to set it up like a new Spark? THanks for the help and greetings from Austria
  6. Schlamil

    Nib DJI Spark fly more combo $500 +shipping (gift receipt) SOLD

    Hello, New sealed Dji Spark Fly More Combo. Asking $500 plus shipping. Gift receipt included. Thnx for looking 20171227_174622 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM20171227_174649 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM20171227_174641 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM
  7. E


    BRAND NEW IN BOX -- because I get asked the question a lot. DJI Spark drone ALPINE WHITE. Purchased from my local drone supplier who lost his warehouse and home during hurricane Harvey. Bought the remaining 3 Sparks he had, as a way to help out. Bought this for $499 but selling it for $460. I...
  8. clackey

    Welcome Newbie Drone Pilots!

    I know there is some concern about all the new drone pilots that'll appear with the $500 spark but I welcome them with open arms! This is may be a wild ride if DJI sell millions of these devices. In any case, welcome newbies - Fly Safe! C.