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  1. C

    New pilot from Kent, England

    Hello there, I live in the South East of England and have been flying the Spark off and on for a few years. It's not mine, it belongs to my son but as he doesn't use it these days I've taken it over. I've done the basic UK CAA training and am considering taking the training further. However I'm...
  2. Kyfry85

    Hello from Wilmington, DE!

    Hello fellow hobbyist! My name is Kyle and I've just recently bought a Spark. Before buying this, I was the owner of a Parrot Anafi, but due to an accident (pilot error) it now lays in the bottom of the Schuylkill River. All that said, I was able to get the Spark/Remote combo for a great price...
  3. D

    Newbie in Pittsburgh

    Brand new Spark owner here, in South Hills of Pgh. I’ve always wanted a drone for my (very amateur) photography...and just for the fun of flying (I’m an RN and used to fly Medevac for a living). I was so excited to get my new drone. For months I was researching which drone to buy, and I figured...
  4. D

    *FIRST* picture with my new Spark!

    First shot I took with my my Spark. I am *brand new* to the drone world, seen the Spark and couldn't pass it up. This picture has some basic 'Instagram' style filters and was shot in 'auto' mode. Just getting the hang of this thing and how to operate different modes and such. Go easy on me...
  5. A

    Checking in from Bristol, UK

    Hello everyone! I've had my drone for 2 weeks now but the weather has been too bad to fly properly and practice! I'm also off to LA next week and plan on taking it so hopefully I'll get to test it this weekend or when I'm in out there with my US family! Cheers!
  6. infamousevans

    Legit JUST bought Spark (9 Hours Flight Time)... my thoughts on Mavic Air

    I'm fairly new to the hands on drone game, but I did a lot of research and educated myself before I pulled the trigger on the Spark. The reason I chose the Spark (over Mavic) was exactly that, to educate myself on the hobby and get a lot of flight time understanding DJI. Seeing the price tag on...
  7. infamousevans

    Newbie Q/A

    Hey Guys/Gals, I've done a lot of personal research on the Spark. I read a lot here, and also watched a lot of what to do, and what not to do videos on YouTube. I just had some questions that I can't seem to find clarification on. 1. Do I/Should I indefinitely register my spark with the FAA...
  8. Andy S

    South Orange County

    Hi all, I'm a brand new Spark owner, never flown drones before. I live in San Juan Capistrano, if anyone would like to get together & go fly, let me know. I can't find any groups near me so I'm looking for flying buddies.
  9. T

    New Spark UK owner

    Hi forum members New flyer here from the East Midlands UK. I have been looking into a spark for a while now and have taken the plunge and bought myself the Combo pack. Very impressed with it and still learning. Touch wood the only scary thing that has happened so far is that when i did a...
  10. MileHighSi

    Hey from S.E. Asia

    Just joined today, after following a few links around the web. Nice little community by the looks of it. I'm new to drone flying and so the Spark is perfect for me. Hoping to learn a few tips and tricks from this forum. Here's a link to my first video, taken in Japan this summer (not entirely...
  11. L

    First check in, live in Stockholm, hello from Ningbo China

    First time drone so totally a newbie. Bought my Spark here in China. First Drone flight met by No fly zone so no take off. Only able to very carefully practice in my room, not recommended but I have not crashed. 2 weeks ago took a 10 min taxi ride, setup took off and got a landing warning...
  12. B

    Checking in from Los Angeles, CA

    Hello! I'm a very new drone pilot, also new with videography, photography, and even video editing. My brother got me into buying a Spark when I was helping him video record a friend's wedding (he had a Mavic Pro). I always wanted to find an outdoor hobby that's more than just exercising (cuz...
  13. mgrollins

    Checking In from Santa Cruz, California, USA!

    Hi, new Spark Fly More owner. Previous owner of Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and ParkZone F-27 Stryker flying wing. Grew up very interested in aviation, helped that Gramps was a pilot and flew analog RC powered and gliders. Looking to grow skills and learn more. Have two small kids, and live in a...
  14. J


    Hi there, I'm relatively new at the drone scene, have a couple of drones (320mm racer and toy hubsan X4 H107C to practice) and can't wait to get my hands on a Spark because it has everything I want - great specs for price, good enough camera to make amateur videos and other media, and a great...