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South Orange County

Andy S

Nov 20, 2017
Hi all, I'm a brand new Spark owner, never flown drones before. I live in San Juan Capistrano, if anyone would like to get together & go fly, let me know. I can't find any groups near me so I'm looking for flying buddies.
Love it! I took it out to the desert in aBOUT 10 MPH wind & it flew great. I've flown it 3 times & I'm still getting used to it so the video is a bit jerky. :D
I heard that Irvine is not too keen on drones in their parks & someone said the great park area is run by an RC plane club that frown on drones. I have a community field near me that I'm going to check out this weekend. I have a quick question, when you set say the gimball speed, flight mode, etc, do you need to reset these each time you change batteries or does the Spark/controller retain these settings? Thanks.
I’m not sure but I believe it will retain the settings

I think you are correct, I fired it up today & the same settings that I had last time showed up. Thanks.
Sure, where are you located? I'm in San Juan Capistrano, went over to the Community Center field today, Spark handled the gusty winds pretty well. I'm getting better at not jerking the camera around or panning too fast. You really have to learn to fly the drone & then learn to take good video. I'm impressed with the video quality, everyone says "it's only 1080" but that's fine for me, it looks great! I'm getting the hang of flying it through the camera instead of watching the actual drone all the time & I'm practicing monitoring the height, speed, battery lever, etc.
I’m in Yorba Linda area. Yes I think the video is pretty good myself. I’m new to the whole drone world myself.
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I’m in Yorba Linda area. Yes I think the video is pretty good myself. I’m new to the whole drone world myself.
Hi, Djr. I'm from Placentia. Just got my Spark few days ago. Still lot of things to learn. I watched few videos on Youtube, and still cannot grab the whole thing. I'm thinking of taking my Spark to Chino Hills State Park, and fly it there. Would love to meet and learn from you.
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Small steps. Start in beginner mode. You can try flying at a school field or tri city park. Don’t fly far or high and small stick movements
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I started at an open school field, beginner mode & burn thru lots of batteries. I watched a ton of YouTube vids, lots of info there & get out & burn thru a lot of batteries. Try different things & different movements of the controls to get practice, burn thru lots of batteries. Practice monitoring your battery level, gps strength, distance, height indicators & did I mention, burn thru lots of batteries. :)
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