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obstacle avoidance

  1. J

    Obstacle avoidance

    Hey guys. So, here I am trying to fly my spark indoors and noticed that when I pointed my phone camera in front of the drone the infrared sensor for the obstacle avoidance is not on ( even it is on in the settings and not in sports mode). So I tried to fly it close to the wall and it is not...
  2. infamousevans

    New Pilot Question

    Hey Guys, I just had an idle question. When I am flying the spark in tighter spots like my home, it's making the very loud beeping sound when it's detecting objects in front or on it's side. I understand the need for the obstacle avoidance and how to adjust the range/disable that feature...
  3. Felipecalmon

    Front sensor trouble after 5m crash?

    I flew today for the first time after a crash (5 meters). it seems that the front sensor is in trouble, always indicates an object between 3 and 6 meters, and stops. In sport mode the flight is normal. Can someone help? any similar case?
  4. mlash

    Gimbal Gaurd Causing Issues?

    I have this on the front of my Spark and I had to turn off the forward sensors because it was causing all kinds of havoc. It would let me ascend and descend but it would not respond to the right stick (mode 2) at all. I landed and disabled OA and it has flown fine since. It just doesn't look...