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  1. Australian Aviator

    Battery swapping while using an external power source.

    Can I keep the spark powered up on an external power source with an OTG cable (auxiliary power, to use an aviation expression) while swapping the batteries, so all systems remain powered up and flight can be resumed immediately without re-connection and compass calibration? Of course, turning...
  2. Vilco

    RCstyle DJI Spark Battery Power Station Base Dock Car Charger - Working with a powerbank

    Anyone has this charger? It's for a single Spark battery and can be plugged into a powerbank, so to be able to recharge while on the go. I'm guessing if it is good or not... Here is the page from italian Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B077ZM3XML/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8VgAAbWRSCW56
  3. Shawn Ide

    Will a Powerbank Work on the DJI Spark?

    Hey guys... Have any of you been able to fly with a powerbank? I tried it out yesterday, and couldn't get it to work. I ended up taking some cool tilt/shift video.
  4. J

    dji spark external charger

    Hi guys, I am aware that the dji spark's battery can be charged using the usb port of the quad itself, however, I am interested in charging my battery while disconnected from the spark using again a micro usb. The reason is that I would like to carry around my powerbank and use it to charge my...
  5. Alex_Tijero

    Some info about Spark Batteries

    •How long take to charge the battery? When using a standard USB charger, it takes 80 minutes to fully charge a battery. When using a Charging Hub, it takes 52 minutes to fully charge one battery, 55 minutes when charging two batteries and 85.2 minutes when charging three batteries at the same...