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  1. Der olle Hansen

    Props for SPARK - Questions that got through a beginner's head ... ;)

    Hello folks, I am quite new here in the forum, I have been reading for quite some time, now I have registered and I have some questions about the propellers, which - according to my understanding - are THE essential components of the mechanics as they convert all commands of the electronic into...
  2. Teq

    Mavic Air props on Spark

    Given that the size is about the same and the motors look the same, would the Mavic Air props for they Spark? It seems that they would be slightly lighter without the hinge mechanism and they appear to have a slightly more refined shape as well as not as much dead area in the center. Hopefully...
  3. S

    Generic Propellers

    Good Morning is it safe to use some other brand Propellers from other manufacturers ? if so , what are some good trusted brands. The reason i am asking is because i seen some really nice coloured ones that would match my spark body. thanks
  4. His415

    Review - eBay Props

    Hey everyone! I just got 4 pairs of gold props in for the spark. Check out this quick review, I think these props sound deeper and quieter than the factory ones. (By a little) eBay link to the props is in the video description.
  5. J


    Hi there, I'm relatively new at the drone scene, have a couple of drones (320mm racer and toy hubsan X4 H107C to practice) and can't wait to get my hands on a Spark because it has everything I want - great specs for price, good enough camera to make amateur videos and other media, and a great...