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  1. Soar Like an Eagle

    I shut down my Spark while it was reconding a video

    Hello, I did a very stupid thing. I was recording onto MicroSD in the drone. I forgot to stop recording from the application and then I shut down the drone. I put MicroSD into my PC and the file is corrupted. I can't open it. There's a way to "fix" it, recovering the footage? I've already...
  2. I

    Cannot record while flying

    Hello guys, I got DJI Spark for a few days. I lost my memory card and since I use a new one (Sandisk MicroSDHC), I can’t record videos while flying. I can turn on recording in DJI GO App, but only when Spark is in my hand. As soon as it starts, I can only take pictures and the „switch to...
  3. sparkpod

    File Type Not Supported (video not saved correctly - help!)

    Title says it all. I've just returned from a great set of flights. All of them cached correctly in the iPhone (7 plus, DJI Go 4.1.7) but when trying to get them out of the spark using an SD card adapter (came with the card) it says that (the best) one of my videos can't be transferred! Eek! It...