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  1. I

    Tried out the PolarPro ND Filters, What are you using?

    Tried out the Cinema shutter collection ND Filters from Polar Pro. Awesome results, found the ND filter selection APP spot on. What are you using? So far, Polar Pro top of the tree, Freewell stick-on ones, defo in the bin..
  2. His415

    Review - eBay Props

    Hey everyone! I just got 4 pairs of gold props in for the spark. Check out this quick review, I think these props sound deeper and quieter than the factory ones. (By a little) eBay link to the props is in the video description.
  3. JaZzMaN251

    DJI Spark: Unboxing & first impression review

    Here's my unboxing & first impression video about the DJI Spark Fly More Combo. Really liking the performance so far. A separate option to adjust the gimbal dial rate would be a nice addition, though.
  4. clackey

    Techcrunch Review - DJI Spark is fun, but not the mainstream drone we were promised

    "Truly mastering the drone takes more than a couple of days of testing, of course. But that brings into sharp relief the fact that the Spark isn’t really the beginner’s product it might have seemed at first. The simple fact of the matter, though, is that such a device doesn’t really exist yet...