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spark case

  1. J

    Good deal on Dji Spark Case on ebay! Bought one for myself and works great!

    Hey all i come across a deal on ebay and by far the cheapest and received it within 3 business days. Good seller and i was able to fit 3 batteries and charger and extra stuff in it. Link to bag: Dji Spark Drone Waterproof PU Rigid Hard Storage Box Case New! | eBay Just thought i would share...
  2. Nikon1

    May Be Overkill But These Cases Are Worth Looking At

    My MavicPro lives in one of these cases and I have been hoping that Go Professional would have a case for the Spark. They have not disappointed and while both of these cases are still in pre-order status, they are on the production schedule The first case lists out at $49.00 and the bigger...