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May Be Overkill But These Cases Are Worth Looking At


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May 31, 2017
South Jersey
My MavicPro lives in one of these cases and I have been hoping that Go Professional would have a case for the Spark. They have not disappointed and while both of these cases are still in pre-order status, they are on the production schedule


The first case lists out at $49.00 and the bigger case is $69.00.

With my original plan to keep the Spark in my car for those unplanned adventures, this is the case for me.
Thanks, Mike - I didn't know if posting the Go Professional links was against the rules as they may not be a recognized vendor.
This will be my third GPC case.
GPC makes really nice cases. I highly recommend them!

Now, to figure out which version I want... :)
GPC makes really nice cases. I highly recommend them!

Now, to figure out which version I want... :)

The extra batteries and Combo Charger requires me to pre-order the bigger case.

And as many others have said, GO Professional Cases are an extremely well made and solid product.
Here's an overview of these cases:

I just wish the GPC cases had spots for attaching a strap. Carrying this case on a bike would be tricky, for example. I suppose you could use the lock holes, but that would be off balance and a pain to reattach every time. Maybe you could drill your own holes...

I have the Nanuk case for Mavic and it works well and has the spots for attaching a strap. They don't have a Spark case yet, but are coming out with one in a couple of weeks using the Nanuk 905. I'm afraid it might be even smaller than the compact GPC case, so it will be interesting to see what it will fit.
My only wish for the GPC case was a "pocket" or storage area for a tablet - possibly built under the top foam, in a rigid pocket area.

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