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spark crash

  1. nilanjan118

    Palm launch FAIL

    So I was attempting the Palm launch today in one of the parks in the neighborhood and the drone just took off awkwardly and fell off from my hand on the hard tarmac pedestrian walkway. The front left arm got broken and one of the propellers got snapped (picture below) . Really upset with the way...
  2. J

    I crashed my Spark

    Over the weekend I crashed my spark. It went into return home mode and flew straight up even though it was set to return a current altitude. Does anyone know why it would’ve done this? maybe because my take off point was higher than my current altitude when it went into return home? Or possibly...
  3. Thai Tastic.com

    Batteries that detach themselves in-flight :eek:

    :eek: This might be your reassurance Se requiere un control de seguridad Anyone else experienced this yet? I for one am now on my second Spark!
  4. H

    Dronie failed on new firmware, my spark fly away n crash (with video link)

    I updated to latest firmware yesterday 01.00.0500 on my Samsung S6E. After I updated I tried new feature in Dronie quick shot set up to 15 mtr. I fly using WiFi since I don't plan to fly too far that day, just to practice my flying skill. Herewith the video link DJI Spark Combo Kabur Dalam...